Re-Founding Director

Konstantinos Psomas is an architect and a (re-)founding director at Psomas Architects (PS-A). Konstantinos was born in Paphos, Cyprus in 1985. After completing its military service he studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)-Greece and the Ecole Nationale Superieure Paris-Malaquais (ENSAMP)-France. In 2011 Konstantinos completed his undergraduated studies with a Distinction and he moved to London to study at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture and the world-renowned Design Research Laboratory (DRL) which is a 16-month post-professional programme leading to a Masters of Architecture and Urbanism (MArch) degree.

The AADRL programme has been the last 20 years at the forefront design experimentation, pioneering advanced methods in design, computation and manufacturing and fostered with partnerships with companies such as Ferrari, Festo, AKTII, Reider and Odico Robotics. His Thesis project AEROS which was exploring the aspect of robotics to generate flight choreographed structures using quadcopters as a fabrication as well as a design tool ,it constituted the basis for many subsequent research projects and it was widely published.

On graduation from Architectural Association he joined Zaha Hadid Architects where he worked for more than 3,5 years. During this time at ZHA , Konstantinos was involved essentially in a variety of high-edged design and complexity projects of different scales and types and especially in Tower developments internationally. In 2016 Konstantinos decided to leave ZHA and since then he is re-founding and re-generating Psomas Architects (PS-A).



Founding Director

George Psomas is an architect and a founding director at Psomas Architects (PS-A). George was born in Paphos in 1957. He studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV-UP6) in Paris-France, where he graduated in 1984 with a Diploma of an Architect D.P.L.G.

In 1988, George founded Psomas Architects (PS-A) and since then he was involved as a director in numerous projects throughout the spectrum of the building industry such as large scale tourist and recreational developments, as well as small scale projects such as individual houses. Also, he was awarded for many national architectural competitions such as the Cultural Village of Lempa (Praise), the Geroskipos Town Hall (2nd Prize), as well as the Port of Paphos (1st Prize), the Municipal Gallery of Paphos (1st Prize) and the Germanina’s Croft (3rd Prize) in collaboration with other practices.

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